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We showcase the best of both local and national acts, and with weekly karaoke and open-mic nights, Woodruff's is where it's all happening.

Our bar is stocked to the gills with your favorite spirits and regional drafts, as well as an impressive bottled beer selection.

Along with our staple of wonderful live music, and excellent bar options - feel free to stop by and try out our arcade game selection.
36 East Cross Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48198
Mon-Thur: 7PM - 2AM
Fri: 6PM - 2AM
Sat-Sun: 9PM - 2AM
Get Your Band Booked: To book a show, contact us at woodruffsbooking@gmail.com. Please supply us with the following information when making your booking inquiry:

1. Your Band Name
2. Your Contact Information (Both Email & Phone)
3. Links To Stream Your Music (e.g. Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc...) DO NOT ATTACH MP3s TO YOUR EMAIL
4. Links To Find Your Band Online (e.g. Your Website, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes etc...)
5. Any input lists, or stage plots if you've got 'em.

NOTE: We get tons of booking requests every week. Please allow up to one week response time before following up. Also, know we typically book two to three months in advance, so please don't write us today expecting to set up a show two weeks from now.

Once You've Been Booked: Unless given prior approval and details have been cleared otherwise, know this:

1. Set times & set orders are set in stone. If you absolutely need either changed, it cannot happen on Day of Show, and must be cleared with our booker in advance (preferably 1 week).

2. You cannot add another band to the bill at the last second. Set times have been negotiated in advance, and the sudden addition of an act to the bill can anger other artists on the bill, can effect the booking schedule for the venue, and throws off the planning that has been done to set up the entire evening.

3. Woodruff's shall provide a door person to collect money at the door, and you have the right to inquire about the door count. We don't take a cut of your merch, though that also means we do not have staff to sell/watch your merch for you.

4. You agree that any minors in the band shall be immediately ejected from Woodruff's if caught drinking, irrespective of when you play or are supposed to play.

5. You agree not to perform any ticketed shows in normal venues (not including house shows, benefits, showcases, free shows) for a period of one week in advance of and one week following the week your show is to occur within a 15 mile radius of Woodruff's.

Engineer: House Engineer provided unless otherwise notified far in advance. On the day of the show, please listen to our Engineer's suggestions and tips, as you'll have a better sounding show for it, he's a professional and has been doing this for years.

NOTE: If we ask you to turn down the stage volume (there are noise limits we have to pay attention to) repeatedly and you do not comply, we reserve the right to end your set early by powering down the PA.

The PA more than fills the room, so your amps and drums don't need to do all the work themselves. When your stage volume overpowers that of the PA, it is the sound of your show that suffers, as your fans will not be able to hear your music accurately. This is not the PA's fault, but your own.

Stage: 15' (Deep) x 24' (Length) x 4' (High) (approximate)
22 Inputs on Mounted Snakehead Stage L
4 x Quad Power Box 110v AC on Separate Circuit from PA Amps / Mix

PA/Sound Reinforcement: 2 x Subs (Fill Room Well)
2 X Mains (JBL - Fill Room Well)
24 Channel x 2 Bus (22 Avail & Input'able on Stage)
14 Add'l Channels Available With 4 Weeks Notice to Engineer
Ability to Run in Stereo or Summed Mono
4 x Channels (Separate EQ'd in Rack) of Monitor
2 x EQ for Main R & L
Delay, Reverb, + Add'l FX (Email for details)
4 x Channels of Compression

Input Pack: 5 Instrument Mics (Drum Set + Alt)
6 Vox/Inst Mics
3 x Powered DI
Stands (Straight and Boom) to Cover

Lights: Minimal, yet adequate, lighting gear available in-house. Artists who require more must rent and hire staff to run lights, and must discuss power concerns with us prior to performing.

Misc: Ramp Access Available in Rear of Venue (2 Turns to Stage)
Ample Parking Available on Street and Frog Island Park Lot (1 block)
Bands Can Load from Back of Venue, But May Not Park There Without Prior Arrangement With Venue